We are a Family of

Bible Based
Christ Centred
Spirit Inspired

God is a saving God and He desires that people might be saved. We are compelled by the love of God to bring the good news of God's saving grace to the people of this nation. In His mercy God gives us the gift of new life and reconciles us with Him, so that we can live as His new people.

Deo Gloria Family of Churches is a family of churches and pastors in Australia.

Our churches are committed:

  • To pray for one another;

  • To promote the planting of Bible based, Christ centred, Holy Spirit inspired, Disciplemaking churches throughout Australia and wherever God leads;

  • To facilitate access to and enable the sharing of resources used in planting, managing and operating the member churches of Deo Gloria Family of Churches;

  • To facilitate regular fellowship and mutual support between member churches;

  • To promote the ministries of member churches;

Our pastors are committed to support and encourage one another and where possible meet regularly, either in person or via other media. 

What we believe